Children’s Table – 10 Fun Thanksgiving Activity Ideas



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Children’s Table

10 Thanksgiving Activity Ideas

ideas1. Thankful Thumbprint Tree

ideas2. Turkey Pinecone

ideas3. Turkey Hand Tracing with Poem

ideas4. Historic Plimoth Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

ideas5. Blessings Jar

ideas6. Mayflower Placecards with Plimoth Popcorn

ideas7. Turkey Hat & 10 Thanksgiving Crown Hat Printables

ideas8. Thankful Turkey

ideas9. Mayflower Munch Storytime “The First Thanksgiving”

ideas10. Pilgrim Hat Crayon Holders


How to Create a Healthy Thanksgiving Plate for Kids

Country Living Cute Kids FUN Ideas for Thanksgiving


ideas1. Thankful Thumbprint Tree


THUMB PRINT blank tree

THUMB PRINT blank template tree PDF FREE download

The thumbprint Thanksgiving tree is a fun way for precious children, family and friends to sign the Guestbook by collecting their thumbprints. You can exhibit this fun tree for a collectible memory at home. Download the blank tree pdf free.


ideas2. Turkey Pinecone


Complete Directions for Turkey Pinecones plus FREE templates here.


FREE PDF turkey pinecone -DIY-Jen-Goode


ideas3. Turkey Hand Tracing with Poem

This feathered friend comes your way

To share sweet blessings and to say

Have a Happy Turkey Day!

A small hand of love for you to treasure

Moments of happiness beyond all measure.

turkey poem

Trace hand, color like a turkey, cutout and attach to pdf printable gift poem.

turkey poem pdf FREE download

ideas4. Historic Plimoth Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

5 Coloring Pictures by Plimoth


Download and print these pictures for your own use or for use in the classroom. Commercial use is not allowed.


Mayflower Sails to Plymouth

4.z.1.1 – The Mayflower Sails to Plymouth


Wetu (Wampanoag House)

4.z.1.5 – Wetu (Native House)


Mishoon (Canoe)

4.z.1.6 – Mishoon (Canoe)


Pilgrim Village

4.z.1.7 – 17th-Century English Village (Pilgrim Village)


Mayflower at Sea

4.z.1.8 – The Mayflower at Sea

More cute coloring pages FREE here.

ideas5. Blessings Jar

blessings jar


Blessings Jar Directions PDF

Blessing Cards to fill out PDF

Gratitude jar Amanda Coleman

My Cup Runneth Over, Blessings Jar

ideas6. Mayflower Placecards

with Plimoth Popcorn

Plimoth Popcorn Recipe here.


How to Fold the Origami Mayflower Ship

mayflower-ship-printable pdf

sails_2-3 pdf

ideas7. Turkey Hat & 10 Thanksgiving Crown Hat Printables

10 Cute Thanksgiving Hats & Crowns here.


FREE Turkey Hat Pilgrim Crowns printable here.

And here for direct download link.

Thanksgiving-Crowns-Printable-Crush FREE PDF file here.



ideas8. Thankful Turkey



For the pilgrim and Indian kid characters

ideas9. Mayflower Munch Storytime

“The First Thanksgiving”


best munch story


  • Malt Balls– the New World they wanted to go to for freedom of religion
  • Mini pretzelspraying hands seeking for religious freedom
  • Oyster crackers– the dry bread and crackers they ate on the Mayflower
  • Stick pretzelslogs used to build homes
  • Mini marshmallowssnow the first winter
  • Candy corn and goldfish– How squanto helped the pilgrims learn how to plant corn by putting fish in with the seeds
  • Teddy grahams or Annie’s bunny snacks– the wild animals they had to deal with in the New World
  • Raisins or craisins– Squanto taught them how to find wild berries and dry them for winter
  • Peanuts or sunflower seedsseeds for harvest for the next year
  • Bugles corn snacks– horn of plenty, cornucopia, for the harvest


First-Thanksgiving-Snack-Mix-Mayflower-MunchThe First Thanksgiving Story Tags available for purchase here.

ideas10. Pilgrim Hat Crayon Holders


Pilgrim Hat Crayon Holder Directions here.



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