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A fairly old and widely-used word, a bee refers to a community social gathering at which friends and neighbors join together in a single activity (sewing bee, quilting bee, barn raising bee, etc.) usually to help one person or family….

Voluntary help given by neighbors toward the accomplishment of a particular task….in the manner of the social nature of a beehive.  The term ‘bee’ has been used in the USA with the meaning of ‘gathering’…a country term ‘boon’ meaning “voluntary help, given to a farmer by his neighbors, in time of harvest, haymaking, etc”.

Many of the activities where people congregated and united to undertake communal work became known as bees of one sort or another –  quilting-bees‘, ‘barn-raising-bees’.

The earliest known example in print is a spinning bee, (1769.) Other early occurrences are husking bee (1816), apple bee (1827), and logging bee (1836). Spelling bee is apparently an American term. It first appeared in print in 1875.   Source.

Husking Bee 1816 – husking a corn crop

Spelling Bee 1875 – gathering for a spelling activity

Apple Bee 1827 – gathering to peel and slice apples for drying

Logging Bee 1836 – band of neighbors working together to clear a field of timber or chopping timbers to get wood cut

Quilting Bee – gathering of friends and neighbors who come together to work on creating or assembling a quilt

Barn Raising Bee – social event assisting a neighbor in building a new barn

Spinning Bee 1769 – transforming the raw textile fibers from the fields into homespun cloth & fine linen

Sewing Bee – mending or making fabric items with needle and thread

Haymaking Bee – group harvest of hay fields and stacking bales in the hay barn

Today’s best practices: Teams. Collaborate. People working together in groups to achieve some goal must have roles to play.